SLS Audio

SLS has been delivering high quality speakers since the 70's.  Their innovative Ribbon Driver Technology has taken ribbon speakers to the next level by producing higher SPL levels than traditional ribbon drivers.  There is an uncolored accuracy with ribbon drivers of up to 40kHz. With less mass to move, the transfer of energy is more efficient and therefore higher frequencies can be achieved.

  • Line Arrays
  • Stage Monitors
  • Cinema Speakers
  • Commercial Installation

Bag End

Bag Ends Time-Aligned and Extended Low Frequency technology has been the sought after solution for venues, studios and production houses.  Extensive research goes into every speaker and it can easily be heard and felt from its tight full range performance to its subsonic 8 hz reproduction.

  • Full Range PA Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Stage Monitors
  • Installation
  • Weather Resistant

dB Technologies

Over the years, thanks to a policy of considerable investments in R&D, design and manufacturing technologies, dB Technologies products have gained substantial recognition for some groundbreaking technological innovations, as well as their inherent standards of quality.

In particular, dBTechnologies has been one of the industry’s trailblazer in active speaker & digital amplifier technologies, while giving a major emphasis to details and design.

  • Touring & Live
  • Installations
  • Portable Systems