Condenser Microphones

Miktek studio condensers have quickly become the favorite of top engineers world wide, many who have access to extensive vintage mics in their collection. Never designed as an emulation or re-creation, Miktek condensers have a unique sonic signature that is honest while offering a special character that please both engineers and artists.

Live Microphones

The PM series from Miktek features both dynamic and condenser handheld microphones for artist and engineers who demand superior sound quality and performance. The PM9 dynamic mic has found its way to the most important stages in the world and the PM5 brings Miktek’s renown studio quality condenser sound to the stage in a beautiful way.

Percussion Microphones

 The Miktek PM series dynamic drum mics are the solution. Making their way to the most professional stages and venues by offering superior sound and performance under the most demanding conditions. The PM series’ dynamic drum mics boutique sound quality faithfully reproduce and enhance the sound of your kit.