SLS Audio

The Studio Reference series are quickly becoming the choice for studios, mastering facilities and remote broadcast units worldwide. The advantages of planar technology are no better illustrated than in critical listening environments where engineers simply must rely on accurate, distortion and time-smear free emission.

Bag End

Countless artists and engineers rely on Bag End Studio series to produce the finest audio recordings and movie soundtracks.

  • Passive and Amplified Time-Aligned Coaxial Studio monitors
  • Infra Subwoofer Systems
  • Active Bass Traps

Blue Sky

Blue Sky reference monitors offer advance products that enrich any listening environment at a superior value.

  • Recording Studios
  • Film/Video Post Production
  • Broadcast Remote Trucks
  • Gaming
  • Full Surround Systems


Whether you are enjoying music on your smartphone/MP3 player or you are monitoring an important mix in the studio, the DH80 will provide a truly accurate and extremely pleasant listening experience. The Miktek DH80 is a semi-open circumaural dynamic headphone which will impress the most critical listeners.t.